About Us
Mining sector is very important for Turkey economy because it also subscribes to Turkey economy directly and also has a lot of entry to other economy areas so that this sector is vital spot for Turkey economy.

Turkeys’ has very different mine sources in consequence of geology and its tectonic. 90 kinds of mine which are trade in the world general, 77 of these are exist in Turkeys’ grounds.

In addition to this Turkey has a rich potential at natural stone sector, so that it has % 35 of world natural stone reserve. A lot of variety colors and figures Turkeys’ natural stone has the advantage of other producer countries besides it is demand admiringly all over the world.

Our company, AYN MINING INDUSTRIES AND TRADE LTD. CO. , is floated in this important sector by a vision, to creates a worth and be arbiter on a level with national and international area.

Our company improves to realize this vision with a serious experience accumulation, technical equipped personnel, values R&D research, follows technological and sector developments and financial power.

Our mainly fields;
• Cultivated natural stones (marble, beige, travertine, onyx etc.)
• Produce half-cultivated or block/ plate (marble, beige, travertine, onyx etc.)
• Chromium, baryte, golden, silver
• Cement
• To get-sell and procurement licence for investment mine industry sector
• Researching ore bed technically
• Procurement technology and data for investment mine industry sector on national and international area.
• Support investment and production technically

AYN MINING INDUSTRIES AND TRADE LTD. CO., in addition to investment in Turkey, continues investments 3 countries abroad.